The hot stamping is a thermo-mechanical cycle to which they are subjected to boron microalloyed steels (22MnB5) during forming.The sheet is heated in the furnace until it reaches 950°C to obtain an austenitic microstructure.

At this temperature must be run the transfer from the furnace into the mold where the material will be pressed by deformation and subsequent cooling. In contact with the surface of the mold the material undergoes a sudden cooling down to room temperature; originates thus a tetragonal structure called martensite. The martensite is a phase that has high hardness and mechanical strength.
The parties have formed a yield strength between 1000 and 1250 MPa and a tensile strength (UTS) between 1300 and 1650 Mpa. The surface hardness, which was the power is approximately 180 HV to 350 HV.