Our company offers different materials and methodologies for the constructions of punches and matrixes suitable for various uses, from production of prototypes up to limited productions. Compared with metal dies, our technology allows a notable reduction in construction times, although it produces resistant and lasting punches.
The MASS CASTING system can be used to produce dies of any size: from some litres up to many m³. The system is characterized by a specially low exothermic reaction and this quality together with some particular casting techniques is used to remove almost completely the phenomenon of contraction. For the construction of dies any combination of materials and systems of casting can be used. For example, the punch can be constructed by pouring a rough-hewing and machine it at high speed to the requested sizes, while the matrix and the blade-holder will be modelled with a casting on the punch itself, finishing in this way the construction of equipment. The choice of materials and techniques is suggested from the requested characteristics of services, from the methodologies of working and from the availability of services. Equipment constructed by using these materials and technologies will product parts quite functional with a fraction of costs and times of equipment made in steel, aluminium or also in zinc alloy.